Prefixes and Suffixes

Dr. Wise

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I can...

1. identify prefixes and suffixes

2. use prefixes and suffixes correctly in writing

Student Directions:

1. Make a T-Chart: label it Prefixes and Suffixes

2. Watch the slideshare on Prefixes and Suffixes and write down five prefix words and five suffix words on your T-Chart

3. Play the Rags to Riches Game

4. Watch the Brainpop Jr. Video and take the hard quiz (record your score on your paper)

5. Create a Buncee about Prefixes and Suffixes. Use your T-chart of prefixes and suffixes to make your Buncee. Post it on the Padlet.

1. Slideshare on Prefixes and Suffixes

Use your T-Chart to record 5 prefixed words and 5 suffixed words.

2. Play the Rags to Riches Game

3. BrainpopJr.: Watch the video, take the hard quiz, record your score

Brainpop Jr. Activites

Username: rsetn Password: brainpop

4. Watch the Buncee, Make a Buncee, Post it on the Padlet

You are fininshed with this website!

Turn your paper in to Dr. Wise. Do the following centers:

1. Make a Prefix and Suffix Christmas Poster

2. Digital Center

Digital Center:

Use the digital posters on this website for prefixes and suffixes. Post one sentence using a prefix correctly. Post one sentence using a suffix correctly. Illustrate your work.
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Lino It: Post

Type in one sentence that uses one prefix correctly, Type in one sentence that uses a suffix correctly.