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First Day Updates

Hi All!

We had a great first day back to in person instruction. The day did not come without it's bumps and bruises, but we made it. The best part of the day was of courses hearing the chatter and laughter of our students in the building. They are truly what makes out school a great place.

I know that arrival and dismissal was painful today. I promise that we are problem solving everyday to make it smoother. I appreciate all the positive comments today and most of all your patience. A few reminder that will help for tomorrow:

  • K,1,3: drop off and pick up on Birdwood
  • 2,4,5 drop off and pick up on Jason
  • Siblings: Older sibling will go to the classroom of the younger. Pick up at the location of the youngest sibling
  • If your child is a walker, please let the classroom teacher know; walkers are sent out through the main office at the 3:00 bell.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE wear your mask when coming on to school property
  • Please have children ready to exit with backpack, ,lunch, and ready to exit on passenger side.
  • This evening, your car tags should come home with students, please be sure to have them at pick up tomorrow.

Student Mask-Make sure they fit

Please make sure you check your child's mask to make sure it fits well. Mask should be able to cover nose and mouth without constant adjustments. The kid masks are tricky, you may have to sew the ear loops tighter or buy mask that are adjustable. Our students did a great job with mask today, this was just a notice as I moved through classrooms today.

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