The magical world of Middle School!

Here's what you need to know!

The commons and Learning stairs and Auditorium!

You walk into East, and you come to stairs and an open area! The stairs are The Learning Stairs and the Commons is the lunch room. The Learning Stairs is simply the place that you'll sit at during Breakfast if you choose to not eat, or have already eaten, and that's where you'll be while eating for the bell. Drinks and food aren't allowed on the stairs, seeing that the Commons are right next to the Learning Stairs, so be sure to not eat or drink on the stairs!

The Commons area is where you will eat lunch and breakfast. There are booths and tables, so there are plenty of places to sit at. This is the area you can also go to during the morning while waiting for the bell to ring.

The auditorium is where you'll be at when we watch musicals, band concerts, important announcements, and Comic-con(Yes, we have it.) Like any auditorium you've been in, it's pretty normal. You have the seats, the stage, the lights, curtains, and anything else you can think of! It's used for the musicals and band concerts near the end of the school year, and for Comic-con during the beginning of the school year!

Electives and Sports!

Here are the electives that you can take in middle school:

  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Facs
  • Drama (required)
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Computer applications
  • Gym (required)
  • Music Expo

These are the electives, which are the classes that you can do for fun/try new things out, that you can choose in middle school at East. In sixth, you can take a full year, which is Band, Orchestra, or Choir, or take the others, which are one semester. Seventh you can take a full one, or take three quarter ones. In eighth, you can take a full one, or take two semester ones

In sports:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Crosscountry
  • Softball
  • Track

While your only able to play sports in seventh and eighth grade, your only one year away

from being able to play in sports!


After the bell rings and you get ready to go to the house, which is where core classes are located at, you'll need to be able to find your classes and which house they're located in. All of the sixth grade core classes are located in the Orange House. You will have Block classes, which means you will switch classes every hour. On A days, you will have a set of classes, including Encore and an elective, and on B day you will have another set. On Fridays, you will go to all of your classes, and switch every forty minutes instead of ninety.

Classes for Sixth Grade:

Communication Arts




Social Studies

Read 180


Once you have your schedule, you will be able to find your classes, and since all of the core classes, which is Math, Com Arts, Science, Reading and Social Studies, are in one house, you can be able to find them more easily, You will have encore, which is a class where you read, almost like a homeroom, and an elective on A days and B days.

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Class lockers and Gym Lockers

You have two lockers. Your main one, your class locker, is the one where you will keep most of your academic or personal things. In your gym lockers, you will keep your gym clothes, shoes, etc. You will NOT be able to carry around your gym things around class, so make sure it's in your class locker located in the hallways outside of the house, or your gym locker which is located in the Locker room near the Gym.

How to open your locker:

A lot of times, most people tend to find it hard to open their lockers at first, so here's how you can do it!

<-- to the first number, -->, skip zero to your second number, <-- don't go past zero, unless you have to, and land on your last number!

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You can join clubs in sixth grade, so here's a list of clubs and information of clubs in East!


Art Club

B.U.M Crew

Guitar Club

Eagles for Christ

Information on the clubs located above:

Quizbowl: Here's the club for those who like studying and competing against others in math, science, etc.

Art Club: A club for people who like art.

B.U.M. Crew: Building, Utility, Management. Here's the club that builds and creates things for the musicals.

Guitar Club: A club for learning and playing the guitar.

Eagles for Christ: Christ study group in the mornings

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Passing Times!

You get a four minute passing time between every class. You can stop by your locker, go to the bathroom, get a drink, talk to your friends- Only if you've gotten everything you need and are able to get to your class on time!! During the morning, you have six minutes, so you have enough time to get all of your stuff in time to get to class.