Monsoon Asia: The Problems

Grace Weems and Annie Moore

JAPAN: Population Crisis

In Japan, the population is decreasing rapidly. Women have stopped having children because they want to focus on themselves and their work. They say they either don't have time or they are worried for loosing their job. If this continues, the population will continue to decrease even more. (See below)


Over the last couple decades, companies have start sending their businesses to other countries for cheaper labor. As every topic, there are the supproters and the opposers, and the pros and cons. Many people are against it because it takes jobs away from Americans. Lots of Ameircans loose their job each year because if outsourcing. Also, the jobs the foreigners get aren't always treated well. However, many people support this because it can help both Americans and foreigners. Poorer countries are able to have more jobs for their people, while companies don't have to pay as much, meaning they make more profit.

Pollution of the Ganges River

The Ganges River is an importance in India's daily life. However, it is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. 400 million Indians live in the Ganges River Basin. Many people and companies dump their waste into the river. Also, religious beliefs and activities has caused some of this pollution. Many Hindus believe that they must place offerings of food and other things into the river.

North Korea and Human Rights

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, has made himself known all over the world. Many North Koreans would get arrested for exercising human rights. Freedom and Speech, Privacy, and Movement have all been taken away from the citizens, along with their labor rights and the right to know information. Citizens who are imprisoned are treated inhumanly and are often times tortured. North Korea does have the death penalty, but they've taken it to the extreme. For acts of smuggling and even fraud could be punishable by death.