Reading History

By: Victoria Saxton

Learning how to Read

When I was 2 my brother reading to me. He read Goodnight Moon all of the Dr. Seuss books but my favorite was Fox In Socks which both of us memorized, and I had thought I had learned how to read. But when I tried to read Green Eggs and Ham we realized that I had only memorized the book. Then he taught me how to read starting with everyday words like dog and dance. Eventually, I was able to read and the first book I read was The Foot Book.
Also when I was younger I would read Arthur books to my dog, which was good practice for reading out loud. In first and second grade I finished reading the whole Magic Tree House series along with half of the books from the Boxcar Children series. Third grade was the year that I read a lot. I read the Rainbow Magic series which was all about saving fairies, and I also read all seven Harry Potter books at the end of the year and into the summer before fourth grade.

In fourth and fifth grade I started reading the Twilight series but also read other books like Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix and 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass. In sixth grade the only book I remember reading is The Hunger Games which I was so hooked right from the beginning I read it in 5 hours and 48 minutes. In 7th grade I read a lot of books about vampires but when I finished the House of Night series, I started reading a lot of realistic fiction which is currently my favorite genre of books to read. Finally, this past summer I have been reading a bunch of books by Melody Carlson which even though I'm not going through any of these teenager's problems I connect with them and feel what they're feeling throughout the book.