The Ram Report

What's Going on in SEP Activities

Homecoming Week

When I think back about homecoming week as a coach and teacher, quite honestly I dreaded it. I felt that perhaps our players lost focus on what I thought was important. I worried about players being injured or tired after playing powder-puff volleyball only hours before the game. I was concerned all their energy would be expended at the Thursday parade and pep rally and we would come out flat for the contest. As a teacher I saw all of the weekly activities as a distraction to classroom learning.

All of those were and still are valid concerns. Part of our job is to teach kids how to strike a balance between those activities and still focus on important tasks at hand. This is not an easy job in all of the hoop-la that goes on this week, but talk to your leaders and have conversations about an appropriate balance.

I'd also like you to consider embracing all this week means to our students and community. We spend the majority of our time focusing on teaching kids what they need to know, what they need to do academically while they are a student at SEP. Homecoming is a great opportunity to help shape how our students feel about our school and their experience here.

It is the traditions and customs of activities like homecoming that work to create and define the culture of what it means to be a student at Southeast Polk High School. Let's make it a great week for everyone!

What's going on this week

Dress Up Days

Monday- Movies/NetFlix, Tuesday- Tacky Tourist/Safari, Wednesday- Generations (underclassmen dress like adults, upperclassmen dress like children/babies, faculty dress like teenagers), Thursday- Seasons (freshmen fall, sophomores spring, juniors winter, seniors summer, faculty pick your favorite season), Friday- Black and Gold Spirit Day!


Monday-Powerderpuff Football 6PM, Tuesday-Assembly for Homecoming Court, Best Buddies Softball Game 6PM, Wednesday-2nd Annual Ram Games, Thursday-Parade, Altoona 6PM Friday-Assembly to announce King and Queen, Football Game Friday Night, Saturday-Homecoming dance 8-11

Love All Of It!

I really like the graphic (photo to the left) from Jon Gordon's book The Carpenter. I think it is a great mindset to try and develop. We all have so much negativity fly at us everyday, so many challenges that we face. I'm going to try and remember this when I feel overwhelmed.

Raise the Praise

We had our first SALT meeting last week. I'd like to recognize Scott Belger for his continued involvement and help in the program. He is going to focus on a mentoring program with our students and the elementary schools. I truly appreciate his assistance and insight.