Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!

SCHOOL GOAL: Staying Calm

  • Imagine your favourite place - it’s like taking a mini holiday wherever you are

  • Think of your favourite things

  • Name animals alphabetically (alligator, bear, cow, dog, etc…)

  • Squeeze Something (play dough, clay, silly putty, your fists, a stress ball)

  • Get a Cold Drink of Water

  • Give yourself a hug - squeeze tight!

  • Remember the words to a song you love

TRY STAR BREATHING (see the picture):

Things to say

  • Breathe in like you are smelling a flower, breathe out like you are blowing out birthday candles

  • Arms up and breathe in, arms down and breathe out

  • Pretend your belly is a balloon. Breathe in and make the balloon bigger, then breathe out and make the balloon shrink.


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau,

Welcome to the end of week 5 of Term 2 2020. This week we have had 2 bubbles of kids operating at school and as of yesterday we moved the 2 bubbles in to 1 bubble.

On Monday, we move to Alert Level 2. This is a great tribute to all New Zealanders who have heeded the warning from the government to help eliminate Covid-19 from our shores!

On Monday we are open for all students. Our priority is the wellbeing of our Vogeltown learners. School will be the same, but in some ways it will be quite different. We will make sure we continue with our Vogeltown mission of ‘Manaaki tangata’ - to care for the people and our school values of being ‘inclusive, respectful and kind’.

We have some key points in place for Monday (and the rest of Alert Level 2) these are:

  • Both school sites will be open for our learners at 8.15am

  • One adult for pick ups and drop offs. No adults on school sites (unless organised through the leadership team)

  • When you are waiting for your child after school, keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and other parents/caregivers. This also applies to Road Patrol crossings.

  • Vogeltown learners will go back to their normal classrooms with their normal teacher

  • For the Junior school, we will be closing and locking the back gate on to Rarawa Place. This is so we can control the number of parents and adults at our junior school site.

  • In the afternoons, Rooms 1 and 5 will be taken out by Mrs Treadway and Mrs Newland to the main front junior school gate at 2.45pm. Any older siblings of these students will meet whanau at this gate as well at the same time.

  • At the senior school site, we will be using the gateway with the black bollards as our only entrance/exit point

  • Staff will be at the entrances to the schools to meet and greet returning students each day. We need you to help us with this, by using this as a ‘kiss and drop’ at the gates

  • Sanitiser will be available and applied at both entrances/exits of the school sites.

  • Sanitiser will be available in each classroom space except toilets where we continue to use soap and water.

  • There will be no assemblies till Level 1. These will be online each week

  • There will be no inter-school sport till term 3

  • All playgrounds will be sprayed with detergent each morning before our learners arrive

  • Each class will have their own sports gear. This will be kept in a bucket of soapy solution in front of each classroom each day

  • Our cleaning company, Crest Clean, will clean all surfaces each day. Staff will also clean areas of their classrooms and the school at the end of the day

  • There will be extra cleaning materials provided in each classroom

  • There will be a thermometer in each class to keep the temp of each room at 18 degrees or above.

  • No one is to use the school site after school hours. The sandpit playground at the junior school will be closed. The kids will not be able to climb the trees on the senior site.

  • No Vogeltown learners will be allowed in the office spaces on both sites

  • Break times will be the same for both school sites.

  • Drinking fountains will be closed off. Vogeltown learners will need to bring their own water bottle each day.

  • Room 5 will begin operating this term (Mrs Newland’s class) with our new students. This class will begin each day at 10am. The parents of this class will be allowed to bring their child to the junior office each morning. They will be added to the contact tracing register.

If you want any more detail on our health and safety plans, please go to the school website and click on the ‘Covid-19’ tab at the top of the main page.

Under Alert Level 2 we are required to advise any students and staff to stay at home if they are sick and we are required to send any one home immediately if they show any symptoms (cough, runny nose etc). Please be vigilant with this as a family and do not send unwell children to school.

We will see you all on Monday! Yeehaa!

Thanks whanau

Mr O



VS Online assembly Wk 5, T2 2020




You know kids, a long time ago I was just a little boy and the world was getting attacked by a sickness called coronavirus. Everyone had to stay inside for weeks on end. It was so bad they even had to close all the Takeaways shops, and worst of all the schools were closed so the kids had to get taught online. It was the worst! We had to survive 4 weeks without school. You could only go out for essential needs or for little walks. When it was over I was so happy to be free!! After that life was the same :)

By Toby Hunter


On mothers day we went to weld road and we found a shipwreck it has been there for about 120 years the captains name was Arthur Austin there was no passengers on the ship only the crew and the captain.
It was a dark moonless night on 5th January 1903 when the ship hit a rock and then another rock bang boom crash crunch the ship scraped onto Oakura reef.
Earlier that night the weather was so bad with lots of heavy rain and it was so dark the Gairloch almost cashed into her sister ship and the sister ships name was Ngapuhi off the coast of New Plymouth not long after the Gairloch hit a rock the captain sent out the distress rockets they were spotted from Oakura they hurried to help but there was nothing they could do Gairloch was well up on the reef the crash tore the bottom of the ship.
Gairloch did not have much luck from the start she was built in 1884 in Scotland and arrived in Auckland in 1885 and then went to Waitara.
The ship was originally going to carry passengers and stock this is where her bad luck begins on may 3rd 1885 she crashed into another ship this cracked her bow plates she took on lots of water.in july she was back on the water making about 100 runs between Waitara and Auckland.
In September 1886 she was beached at New Plymouth to get her propellant fixed.
When she was trying to make her way to Waitara a major wind storm happened, it took over 2 hours to get from New Plymouth to Waitara.
She took quite a beating.
On may 18th 1887 as she was was leaving she hit a sandbar this broke her shaft and propeller.in February 1888 she met another ship at the mouth of Waitara river she hit the sand hard and it took alot of pulling to get her out. over the next decade she had lots of little mishaps.

This takes us to her final crash where she rests today, only ever being on the water for nineteen years .

I can only imagine what she looked like

The shipwreck is a neat thing to see,I thought it was the back of her ship.
There is not much left of her today as the skeleton of her slowly rots away to the sea of Taranaki, till one day she will be completely gone and only a ghost of her will remain.

by Maddie Salisbury


I hate isolation.

S wish swash washing your hands.

O h we are almost at level two.

L ong time not seeing any of you.

A lmost going back to school.

T hen swimming in the pool.

I can’t wait for school to start.

Oh dear won’t that be smart.

No more isolation!!!

By Jean Lingenfelder


We have some massive building projects happening at Vogeltown School planned for the next 2 - 5 years. These projects have taken a lot of planning, and it is great to see these still going ahead.

Some of these projects going ahead include:

1) New artificial turf covering the senior school front court

2) A new double modular classroom being built at the junior school (a double of the new room we have at the senior school)

Over the next 2 years, we have the following projects ready to go:

1) Roofing projects on both school sites

2) Decking and new double doors in front of the rooms at the senior school

3) Replacing the covered walkway roofs around the senior school

4) Modernising the junior school classrooms - double sliding glass doors between rooms

5) Replacing some fencing

6) Replacing the fire alarm system at the junior school

Over the next 5 years, we have the following projects:

1) Junior school decking in front of the classrooms (where the covered shelters are now)

2) Junior school inside corridor and classroom changes - modernising inside.

Once we have some visual plans, we will share them with you!


As of Monday we are asking for all electronic devices (Chromebooks and ipads) that were loaned out to families over the lockdown period to be returned. These can be dropped with the teachers at the front gates on both school sites.

There will be a box for the devices to go in. Mr George, Mrs Sleep and Mr O will clean these devices, check the serial numbers and get them back in to classrooms to continue being used as part of our digital technologies.

Please make sure these devices have their chargers with them as well. If there has been any damage to these devices, please let us know, no judgment made, just let us know please.

Thanks whanau, I hope they have helped with our online learning over the last 4 weeks.


Birthdays this week -

These Vogeltown students had their birthday this week - Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners:

Jamian Jansen (9th May), Ruby Inia (10th May), Alberta Mansvelt (11th May), Madeleine Green (11th May), Noah Schoeman (12th May), Brianna McEldowney (15th May), Toby Aspinall-Hanscombe (15th May)



My Stop Motion Movie Jean


Learners from Rm 7 having to spell their name in sign language!
Jackson SL movie


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


18th May School open under Alert Level 2!


1 June Queen's Birthday (School closed)

4 June Dad's and Lads breakfast (TBA)

5 June Life Education at school (here till 12 June)

17 June Whanau Tug 'o' war prelims

19 June Whanau Tug 'o' war final

19 June Four Year Old Friday (9-11am)

24 June Starting school the VS way (5.30pm - 6.30pm)

26 June Vogeltowner Assembly 2pm


1 July Vogeltown School birthday

3 July Last day of Term 2


Again this week we are having Principal Awards! The teachers have chosen students who have, over the lockdown, shown great engagement and dedication to their online learning.

Well done to these Vogeltown Learners:


Charlie Knauf (1), Ben Croker (1), Siena Duckett (2), Luke Yukich (2), Akelia Roycroft (3), Rinto Shimada (3), Chace Tiplady (4), Cheris Whareoaorere (4), Emma Wills (6), Lacey Pitcairn (6).

Tu meke Taranaki team!


Marco Remihana (8), Aria Baker (8), Cohen Horo (10), Cocone Hiyama (10), Tai Ransfield (13), Caru Nieuwoudt (13), Lilly Cowan (15), Tayjs Russell (15)

Tu Meke Huatoki team!


Kaitlin Taylor (7), Madeline O'Connor (7), Sevana Commerer (9), Charlotte Williamson (9), Teelle Beer-Rauner (11), Kirryn Fox (11), Jasper Miners (12), Abigail Williamson (12), Sienna Frost-Snashall (14), Caleb Greenhill (14).

Tu Meke Paetoki team!


1) The school grounds are closed. We are only using the senior site for learning currently. If you need to come on to the senior site, please wait at the gate, ring the school cell number and we will come to meet you. Cell - 021753680

2) Remember, we are trying to limit the number of adults that come on to the school sites, as this is the most 'likely' way that Covid will come in to the school settings.

Term Dates 2020 - Note changes due to Covid-19

Term 1

Monday 3 February - Friday 27 March

20 March - Teacher Only Day

Term 2

Wednesday 15 April - Friday 3 July

27 April - ANZAC Day

28 April TOD

1 June - Queen's Birthday

Term 3

Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

31 July - Teacher Only Day

Term 4

Monday 12 October - Tuesday 15 December

26 October - Labour Day

Thanks whanau

Have an awesome weekend whanau! Keep safe! Look after each other, look out for each other and show the Vogeltown values of respect and kindness!

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal

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