Changes in woman's right's

Before and after

Before the changes

Before there were changes Black woman and white would still be expected to keep quiet about the little power that they had both in the home and politically they were expected to go to church, clean and cook while the man was doing something productive that usually involved politics.



In these clips you are shown what women were expected to do and be in society. In the first clip you are shown a man throwing coffee into the flowers showing that woman are supposed to make good coffee. In the second clip it shows that woman are not supposed to drive why you ask .Because woman are not good drivers. The next clip is very straight forward showing that this woman cannot does anything but look stunning and copy papers. Finally the last clip shows that woman must have a good shape or else you are useless.


Finally women were tired of being looked down upon. They started to wonder why they were not allowed to vote. So they took it to the next level with the woman's suffrage when Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton called for a woman's right's convention. At the convention they created the Declaration of Sentiments; it demanded that woman have equal rights to men in education, Property and voting. But most people who opposed woman suffrage believed that woman were less intelligent than men therefore they could not make good political decisions like men.

In the end

The suffrage movement created higher expectations for women. Women in Canada obtained the right to vote. Federal authorities granted them the franchise in 1918, more than two years after the women of Manitoba became the first to vote.August 26, 1920 American Women win full voting rights.



Thanks to the strong woman of the time before us woman can vote and we are now equal to men and have many privileges. Today woman are layers, doctors, soldiers, police and politicians.