Battle of Neuve Chapelle

By: Alex Rodriguez

Battle of Neuve Chepelle

The Battle of Neuve Chapelle (10–13 March 1915) took place in the First World War. It was a British offensive in the Artois region of France and broke through at Neuve-Chapelle but the success could not be exploited.


Artois region, France


The battle at Neuve Chapelle marked a watershed in trench warfare, which showed how the new conditions affected attack and defence. A break-through in trench defences was possible if the attack was carefully prepared and disguised to achieve at least local surprise but after the initial shock the German defence recovered as the attackers were beset by delays, loss of communication and consequent disorganisation.
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The commander of the British Empire was Field Marshal Sir John French. Known as The Viscount French between 1916 and 1922, was a British Army officer.
He commanded the German Sixth Army at the outbreak of World War I, Rupprecht or Rupert, Crown Prince of Bavaria and a German officer.


On March 13, the third and final day of the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, British troops repelled a German attack and launched another of their own. They were forced to call a halt after less than two hours, however, as many units had been decimated. After this the Winner was called to be England.

Number of troops

England had about 4 Divisions, which is about to 60,000 people.
Germany had only 2 divisions, which consisted in about 30,000 to 35,000 soldiers.

Number of casualities

German casualties from were 10,000 men.
In the other hand, England had about 14,000 causalities.

Technology and Artillery



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4.7-inch gun

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Map of the Battle of Neuve Chepelle

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Events are being held in France in March 2015 to remember the Indian soldiers who fought alongside the British Army at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle a century ago.

A programme of exhibitions, talks, guided tours and drama will be hosted by the villages of Neuve Chapelle and Richebourg, near Lille, from March 10th.

The date marks the 100th anniversary of Britain launching its first set-piece offensive against the Germans in 1915.

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Neuve-Chapelle

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Neuve-Chapelle

Museum, Memorial Buildings, and more photos

Artois region, France today

Battle of Neuve Chepelle.