Multiplying and Dividing Decimals!

Join Aubrey's amazing multiplying and dividing decimals!

How do we multiply decimals?

Do you know how to multiply decimals? It's easy! First of all, you do not line up your decimals because then you wouldn't quite get the right answer. If the decimals are even with each other, don't worry about how the decimals are already even with each other. Next, you multiply however you do it. In fact, you don't even need your decimals when multiplying. In the end though, when you get your answer, you do want the decimal to move however many numbers are behind the decimals in both numbers.

Where do we multiply decimals in our everyday lives?




How do we divide decimals?

Do you know how to divide decimals? Well it's kind of simple! The first thing you do is to never have a decimal in the divisor. If there is a decimal in the divisor, you must move it. To move the decimal, you move it to the right as many places as needed for it to become a whole number. You will also move the decimal in the dividend as many places as you moved the divisor decimal. It's similar to fractions. What ever you do to the bottom you do to the top for fractions! In this case, whatever you do to the divisor, you do to the dividend. Now you can divide as normal. After you solve the division problem you have your answer. If you have a remainder you will need to keep adding zeros to the dividend and continue dividing. This process will continue until you no longer have a remainder or you have a repeating number.

Where do we divide decimals in our everyday lives?


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