Walter Payton


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This is walter payton being a beast

Getting To Know The Legend

“If Your Good You’ll Tell Them,If Your Great They'll Tell You” This is a famous quote spoken by Walter Payton. Walter Payton wasn't only a great player but he was very charitable. In this article I will show you early life, middle life and last years.

Early life

Walter Payton was born on july 25, 1953, in MS. He went to Jackson State University. Saldly he took drugs and talked suicide.In he’s football life he was the best of them all. He never got injured which is insane.

Middle life

First he trained a lot, one of his exercises was running hills, hills is where you get a step hill and you run up and down it about 6 times. Now charity walter payton was a guy who gave a lot of money away to charity.

Last Years

His last years were short because he had a rare disease called liver cancer. He died november 1st 1999, in south burrington he ended his career because of liver cancer. He got married july 7 1976 to Connie Norwood. He had two kids Jarrett payton and Brittney payton.

Remembering Walter Payton

That is Walter Payton and his life. He had a great life and sadly it came to an end early from cancer. His total rushing yards are 16,726 yards total. The reason I did him is because I look up to him and another reason is that he is a great football player. He is the best running back to ever live. If I could chose someone to be for a day he would be it.

Walter Payton career highlight