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April 2016 Recognition

WHAT AN AMAZING APRIL!!! You ladies ROCKED IT !!!! Let's get going in May and ride this wave to MAKE MAY MONSTEROUS too!!

May is one of my favorite months of the year!!! Year after year the momentum built in April springs us into monumental months of May and June!! May means Mother's Day, Derby, Graduations, end of school, prepping for summer vacation!!! So many seeds have been planted and watching those May flowers bloom is one of the highlights of my year!!!

Who is ready for a MAKE MAY MONSTEROUS????

April Recap

Congrats to ALL of you, in APRIL we sold

a total of $53,304 retail!

(7) Stylist who sold $2000 or more

(29) Qualified Stylist

(2) fantastic promotions

Every single month, I am inspired by all of you!!


TOP In Sales

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Congrats to our "Extraordinary" Bracelet Earners

HELLO EXTRAORDINARY LADIES!!! You were truly amazing this month & everyone that reached to earn this the FIRST STEP OF THEIR STYLEFIX PASS & earned that adorable bracelet too!! You worked your business & big things happen - so always remind yourselves that you are extraordinary and capable of anything!!

Buffie Jubard

Amelia Davis

Eileen Armitage

Kaia Strand

Rita Groneberg

Grisel Reyes Wasserman

jackie mewbourne

Maru David

Jessica Murdock

Marilyn David

Dawn Hunter

Lindsey Drasin

Victoria Garcia

Lyandra Mark

Jennifer Hutzel

Nichelle Rachal

Laura Kohn

Malikah hunt

Carole Campbell

Laura Carlson

Davida Johnson

Abby Hennington

Kayla Logan

Ebone Smiley

Alexandra Hodge

LaSondra Green

Kasandra Berkhof

Becky Jordan

Stephanie VanDusen

April Promotions

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Big image

Amanda Cribs, sponsored by Laura Kohn

Angela Redman, Sponsored by Kaia Strand

Angela Brown, Sponsored by LaSondra Green

Aviva Morger, sponsored by Nichelle Rachel

Brooke Holland, sponsored by Grisel Wasserman

Christine Loughmiller, Sponsored by Buffie Jubard

Kiera Vargas, Sponsored by Maru David

Lyandra Mark, Sponsored by Maru David

Megan Jeffords, Sponsored by Maru David

Melody Foster Sponsored by Maru David

Melissa McDonald, Sponsored by Davida Johnson

Tiffany batts sponsored by Grisel Wasserman

Tina Walker, Sponsored by Tania Urrelys

Valerie Fordyce, Sponsored by Victoria Garcia

Sign up Special extended!

Did you see?!? The APRIL Sponsoring promo has been EXTENDED 6 DAYS!!!! Now ending Fri May 6th!

Buffie Jubard,


Director & Founding Leader

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