Show-Me P.D. Conference 2014

Recapped by: Deanna Ginther

21st Century Learning

Digital Media enables us to build more stages for our kids to express themselves.

- Marco Torres

Ukulele Kid - Kid Playing the Ukulele And Singing

Introducing: Allen November

Alan November is an international leader in education technology. His writing includes numerous articles and two best-selling books , Empowering Students with Technology and Web Literacy for Educators. His wealth of knowledge is mind-blowing to say the least. For more resources visit: or

Understanding Web Literacy/Google Search

In a world of information overload, it is vital for students to be able to find information on the Web, as well as to determine its validity and appropriateness.

  • Google searching isn't that easy!
  • We need to teach students about the importance of web truth.
  • How can I learn more tricks about Google?
  1. Search Google power searching or Google advanced power searching for lessons
  2. Allen November's tips on Web Literacy:

"When getting kids to have a real audience they work harder than just working for a grade."

Poll Everywhere

This is a great site to use with your students for instant feedback and to see in "real-time" what they know or don't know about the topic you are teaching!!!

Melody Around the World

Melody Around The World is a global learning project that introduces Melody to the world for the purpose of encouraging compassion for others, raising awareness for people with disabilities, and promoting global learning. Communication between participants will be facilitated through the Melody Around The World blog at Through all of this it facilitates WRITING!


One student has the responsibility of writing a daily summary of what was learned in class.

This helps both student and teacher because:

  • teacher learns more about their teaching and what students are learning
  • student learns to write/take notes & summarize
  • changes the dynamic of student conversations in class

Prism Tutorial

AMAZING Links... This website has current news articles that can be leveled according to lexile and grade. Each student can have the same article but just on a different level. Have an open forum and discussion real time right in your classroom. It's very easy with Titan Pad and students will be more free to type about their group discussions under a made up name than their own name. This site is a huge time saver for those LONNNNNG web addresses that you are trying to have your students type in. Copy and paste your long web address in this site and it shortens it for you...IT'S MAGIC! Site allows you to pull any document from Google Docs and make corrections by voice or text. It is proven that students take voice feedback better than written feedback. A teacher on the cutting-edge of technology. Take a look at these FIRST GRADERS! If they can do it; SO CAN WE!!!

An amazing app for your iPad! "Paper Port" it's a wonderful notes app that you can write, type, highlight text and add pictures to your notes. I used this app the whole time at this conference and would HIGHLY recommend it!