Newton's 2nd Law

Law of Force and Acceleration

What is Newton's 2nd Law

Newtons 2nd Law of Motion (Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration) states that an object will accelerate in the direction of an unbalenced force. If the force is balenced, nothing will change.

Acceleration means a change in velocity (speed and direction) over time.

Speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction are all examples of acceleration.

To calculate the amount of force being applied, use the formula: Force=Mass*Acceleration and remember that force is measured in Newtons (obviously named after Isaac Newton)

When would I need to know this?

This law can be applied to playing baseball. When you hit a baseball with a bat, you are applying an unbalenced force in the opposite direction and the baseball will go in that direction. The baseball will change speeds and change directions (accelerate) in the direction the force was applied.

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