Dystopian Newspaper


The Story of Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood has made a new way of communication. When a person uses this way of communication they type in a keyboard what they would like to say and it feeds into the other person’s ear piece. The main reason for this product is for the guards not to heir your conversations about how bad Big Brother is, about the brotherhood, or how you don’t like the government. Sarah has gone to great lengths to create this product. In order to recive this product you must be great aquantises with Sarah. She is worried that her cover will be blown, that she will somehow find herself in room 101, or that she will be caught by a child for double thinking.

Run Run Run

All she could remember was running and the mud squishing her feet step by step. Looking behind her she found the guard that had threatened her to go to room 101. She knew that she wouldn't go to room 101, that would be that last thing, that is where she would die. In the distance she saw a clearing through the trees on the right and she ran for it.