Save Yourself: Rescuing Techniques

By Emily Quach

Rescuing Techniques

If you are to ever find yourself stranded on an island, don't worry. Pay attention to these simple rescue techniques, and you'll be home in no time.


At night, a fire will be easily seen from above. The bigger fire, the higher your chances are to be noticed by a passing ship, plane, etc. During the day, a fire that produces smoke is your best option. Smoke can be seen easily from afar on a clear day. When starting your fire, be careful not to start a forest fire because you could put yourself in danger.
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Reflective Objects

If its sunny, a mirror or reflective surface works as a great distress signal. Angle the reflective surface towards the sun and tilt towards whoever's attention you are trying. It will make a extremely bright light that is easily seen. However, be careful not to blind a pilot.
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Write a Message

If there is a beach nearby, in very, very large letters write a message. Make sure the message expresses your need for help. Something like, "Help" will suffice. If any planes or helicopters fly overhead, they could see your message and send you help.
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