Endangered Species

Joshua Williams


Sei Whale

Scientific Name: Balaenoptera borealis

Description of animal

  1. Color: Dark grey or bluish-grey
  2. Size Range: 45-66 Feet
  3. Weight: 20 Tons

animal group


describe habitat

inhabits all oceans and adjoining seas except in tropical and polar regions

where in the world is the animal found

north Atlantic ocean

Marine Biomes


  1. baleen
  2. cope-pods
  3. fish
  4. krill

5 interesting facts

  1. Females are about 1-2 m longer than males
  2. born with two blow holes and no teeth
  3. one of the fastest whales
  4. 40-50 feet long
  5. 100,000 pounds

why is it endangered

  • water pollution
  • whalers and poachers
  • pod of killer whales

how many animals are estimated to be alive


the role

whales are the top of the food chain so it has a really big role in the health of the marine enviroment

what conservationists effort are being taken by society to save the anilmal

  • protest
  • strikes
  • things in that nature

steps we can take to save the animal

  1. shop at Amazonsmile this holiday season to support our global conservation efforts every time you buy
  2. together you and WWF can protect nature


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