The Viking Story

Brynn and Kelsey

Where Did The Vikings Come From?

The vikings came from Scandinavia. Scandinavia is a place in Europe that includes the areas that are now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Some areas in these countries had mountains and places where gardens would not grow.
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Why Did The Vikings Come To America?

The vikings came to America because they needed to protect their families. They also needed more farm land because their crops did not grow. They had trouble taking care of their families because they didn't have food.

Why Did The Viking Age End?

The viking age came to an end about nine hundred years ago. People changed and Christianity took over old viking beliefs. The vikings made houses and stayed and people made castles and armies to protect themselves and their families.

Viking Families

Viking families were very big. Some houses could have grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents, and children. Girls could get married at age fifteen. Boys fifteen or sometimes younger could go raiding.
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Viking Ships

The most popular viking ship was the longship. The longship was light and it could glide onto land. The longship was meant to go on raids and to survive storms.
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