Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun

By: Gitty Daneshvari

The title of this book is Ghoulfriends Just Want To Have Fun.

The author is Gitty Daneshvari.

The publication date is April 2013

The type of fiction is a mystery.

The main characters are Rochelle Goyle, Robecca Steam, and Venus Mcflytrap.

The setting is in Monster High school.

The mood of the book is fear.

The author’s purpose is to entertain and surprise.

Sequence of Events

1. The friends talk about the whisper mystery at school. They think Ms. Flapper did it.

2. Scary things show up.

3. The Ghouls join the Frighten Gales club and they plan a talent show.

4. Miss Flapper acts suspicious. She moves in next door and they hear footsteps in the attic.

5. The principal disappears and they get threats in spider webs.

6. At the talent show Spectra finds the school attic and a giant Spider in it. Ms Flapper has hidden her plan there!

The problem is that Ms.Flapper is threatening their school.

The solution is to start following Ms. Flapper everywhere.

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