Eating Disorders Research

Chandler Gladu

Preventing Disorders

If you learn about eating disorders it can help prevent a person from getting one. It can do so because it can allow them to become aware of the consequences and health concerns.


When trying to judge if a person may have an eating disorder, you can observe the person's physical and emotional appearances. When you meet a person you should judge them by what is on the inside and by their personality not heat they look like!

Are There Bad Foods?

There are not neccasarily bad foods. as long as a person watches what they eat and do not obsessive amounts of unhealthy foods they will be fine.

Media Influences

Media always has "perfect" models to advertise a product. When an insecure person looks at these they may feel the need to make themselves look the same as the super skinny models. People should not look at these people as what they should be, everyone is different in their own way and should be happy with themselves.

Being a Role Model

Always be a good friend, and encourage people to make good decisions when it comes to their health. Respect yourselves and others. Support your friends! Model healthy behaviors.