Safety. . . ONLINE!


Safety Online Introduction

When online, you've got to be careful. There are many people online and unfortunatly, there are a fair few people who are there to do bad things. You cannot ever be too safe. On facebook or any other social networking site.

Sexting & Awareness

Sexting may seem fine, if your with a boyfriend/girlfriend but it is the complete opposite providing you're under age. If you between the ages of 0-17, sending inappropriate images of yourself or anyone else, is ILLEGAL. It can be seen as distributing indecent images of children even if it is you!

Age of Consent

It is important to know when you're allowed to do things and what you're allowed to do. If you are under sixteen, then you are not allowed to commit a sexual act under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 which simply states that if you are under the age of consent then you cannot commit a sexual act. You can be prosecuted! You can be put on the sex offenders list or even face a criminal record. Don't be stupid and go around causing fuss by engaging in sexual acts because you can be prosecuted. However, same goes the other way! Don't be afraid to call someone if you feel as though someone is not treating you correctly, then don't do anything with them! It doesn't matter if you ''really love'' them, because I can almost guarantee, that you won't be with them after a few years. Be careful! However, the age of consent is something else. You must not, should not, attempt to engage in sexual acts with some under the age of 18 because it will be your fault if you are older. For example, if there was a boy of 15 and you were 16, then you would be prosectuted. Don't do it!

Age of Criminal Responsibility

This simply means that if you are ten or above, you can be arrested and prosecuted. So don't expect everything to be OK if you are only ten! You may not realise that stealing a sweet or a chocolate bar is a serious offence and you can prosecuted. Even if you are ten! so don't go around thinking that you can get away with things because you are eleven or twelve, unfortunatly not. You must pay your dues!

Adults Making Contact with Children

If an adult ,of 18 and above, contacts a child for sexual activity or any other sexual contact, they can be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. BE AWARE! Don't let older people make sexual contact with you. Whether it is over the internet, phone or physical. You can't do it because, frankly, it is wrong. People who do engage in sexual acts with younger people are disgusting and should be arrested. Don't let them mistreat you!


If someone is mean or nasty online about ethnicity, race or sexuality, they can be prosecuted and arrested under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 because it is AGAINST THE LAW! Don't feel like you can't tell anyone if you are being harrased. If anyone says anything racist or sexist then you are obliged to tell the police. Stand up for your self!

Instead of informing you about all the laws and things even thogh you already know that cyber bullying is against the law, here is some advice for what to do when being bullied or if you are bullying. When and if you are being bullied, dont just leave it to get worse, try to fix it.

1. Do your best to tell someone, even if it is just a good friend. But don't keep it hidden.

2. If you were able to talk to a helpful adult, then try to get it sorted out with your school, the bullies parents etc.

3.Dont' try to confront the bully, it may only make things worse!

4.When the situation is sorted out, try your hardest to make friends with the bully, don't act like you're afraid of them after it has been sorted, because they could feel angry and start it again.

Now im not saying it is easy to tell someone, of course it's difficult, it's scary! But it is one of the most important things to do, in order to get rid of the bully. If this particular bully, is actually a grooup of bullies, then you may feel like you should call the police. If so, feel free to! The police has many specialists who are trained to make you feel in shape.

Did you know? When the bullies are saying nasty things over the internet, they are violating the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and can, and should be prosectuted!


Don't stay hidden when something wrong happens to you. Tell someone, talk about it! It is the best thing to do! Don't waste time waiting until you feel suicidle too. Tackle problems early and don't let them grow. However, don't cause them yourself! No-one wants to see you get put on the sexual offenders list for having sexualy intimate moments with someone who is under the age of consent.