Blog No.2

By: Manroop Duhra

Animal Abuse

What social action have you completed so far?

I have completed making a social media account so far. This accounts for people to visit and cause awareness. This account makes many people aware of whats going on with animals and how inhumane it is for humans to be abusing their pets or abuse animals at all. On that account I will be posting daily news for people to keep being updated on this topic and for people to start trying to make a change.

What future social action are you planning?

The social action I'm planning is to write a letter to Ontario SPCA for a phone interview discuss this matter. I am also wanting to go go into a animal clinic and talk to a veterinarian for information about animal abuse and how many animals they see that they have been abused and to do an interview with them too.

What others way can you think of to create change?

I think I can personally help an animal that has been abused like for example adopting it or finding a shelter for them. I can also try to write an letter to the government of Canada requesting stricter punishments and laws towards animal abuse.

What Struggles have you encountered so far?

I think the toughest part to making a change in the world is to actually get peoples attention. Getting peoples attention is very hard because some people just dot care and don't what to hear what you say. I also think getting a response back is very hard. Its very rare that you get a response back from the person you are trying to get help from.