Anti Hoover

Anti Hoover


Hoover thought the government should intervene to help but all that brought was violence. With all the trouble going on Hoover brought in 1,000 soldiers to stop the angry group of the Bonus Army. Many were gassed, two people shot and one blinded. They even burned down the camps that the people took refuge in. All this happened because of Hoover being nervous. He thought the Bonus Army would become violent so before they could even act he went in with the US Army and got rid of them. All from just one assumption.

Direct Relief

Blame Hoover!

The poor were at their lowest. Many people blamed Hoover for all their troubles and started naming their problems after him: Hard Times Are Still "Hoovering Over Us, Hoover's Poor Farm Tobacco Fund, and Hoovervilles. Americans were so frustrated that they started to burn their crops to keep supplies down and to keep prices up. And Again the farmers "Blame it on Hoover!" Hoover doesn't believe in the government helping the economy. Hoover believed that people should succeed through their own efforts but they weren't in the best shape to survive on their own. Even when people needed it most Hoover said no welfare or government handouts. Survival of the fittest would then on have a new meaning.