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A Peek Inside Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Kasper's Classroom

What we are learning in school

Writing: We are reviewing grammar and working through the writing process as we compose another expository essay.

Math: We just completed our 4th grade math district assessment. We are finishing up geometry, measurement and beginning to personal finance unit.

Science: We are working on our Weather ELM.

Important STAAR Writing Information

TUESDAY 3/29-Writing 4th Grade STAAR Test

SNACK ON STAAR DAY needs to be a small, dry, odorless, no mess snack in order to keep any accidents from happening. Students are also allowed to bring 8 unwrapped mints that are in a zip nock baggie. No gum will be allowed in class. Each student also needs to have a water bottle with a secure lid as well and a book to read when they finish their test..

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