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Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Teaching Construct 4.1: Reflection and Continuous Growth

In a profession as challenging as teaching, honest self-reflection is key. While reflection should be a continuous practice throughout the school year, the end of the year is a great time to bring this to the forefront of our minds! One of the best things about teaching is that every school year offers a fresh start. As you wind down this year, start thinking how you will not only finish strong, but make the most of this new beginning and move ahead with the confidence that you are mindful and motivated to be the best teacher you can be!

Watch the 5 minute video below about the importance of reflection and how it isn't always best realized as an independent process!
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Mentor Survey

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to fill out my survey! I'm gaining a lot of great information for myself and to pass along to the mentor program itself! I'm still waiting on a few more people to respond, so if you could please do it by the end of next week, I'd really appreciate it!!

The survey can be found HERE.

What's Next for Mentoring?

End of Year Reflections

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the final observation! It's bittersweet thinking this could essentially be the last time I'm in your classrooms, but exciting to see all of the wonderful things you're doing and how much you've grown. I'm going to hold off on follow up meetings after your final observations to see if principals want to be a part of our end of the year reflection so we don't have to double up on meetings. I'll keep you posted on what your principals say!


Don't forget you need to have all 4 of your ETMs completed with reflections written by May 1st! That's less than one short month away! The only options left are on-line options. Happy learning!


A few of you have asked me about what you have to do to get a professional license. There's nothing you can do until May when our mentoring program will be complete. However, the process has now changed! KSDE has decided to go to an on-line system rather than paper forms, which means you will be responsible for accessing the form and filling it out rather than me printing it out and bringing it to you.

It will be important for you to notify the Office of Professional Development once you've completed the process. All of the e-mails from KSDE go to either the Superintendent or to HR in each district, who will then forward it on to the PD office. It will help the PD office catch anything that might have gotten lost in the shuffle if they know to look for your stuff.

A reminder: there's nothing you can do until May and I will walk you through it once we get there. Plus, you have 2 years to upgrade, so there's no need to panic :) I just wanted to give you the information ahead of time. Let me know if you have any questions!

Don't Forget to Get Paid!

You get paid for completing on-line or face-to-face ETMs. If you haven't filled out the form for this yet, make sure you ask your office for a Stipend Pay Form. If they don't have one, let me know and I can make sure I send one to you. See the picture below for what you need to fill out. Keep the pink copy for yourself and interoffice mail the completed and signed form to Jana Early at DO. You do NOT get paid for Peer Observation ETMs.
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