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May 11, 2020

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Student Supplies/Belongings Distribution Day is MAY 13th!

Many of you indicated that you would like to pick up your child’s supplies/belongings on Wednesday, May 13th. The letter below provides a detailed outline of our process for this day. Please be sure to read this message in its entirety.

If you selected “I do not want my child's supplies back. Please donate them to be reused/recycled” on the survey, we will ​not ​have your child’s supplies/belongings available for pick up and those items will be reused/recycled as appropriate. However, please note that Art projects and School Pictures will be saved for pick up when we are able to return to the building. More information about yearbooks to come.

Access to Online Resources

While this is our last week of remote learning, we encourage you to continue to read with your children at home throughout the summer. We are working to confirm the online resources your child will have access to over the summer. Please know that teachers will not be monitoring and/or assigning new tasks through any of these platforms. However, students with RAZ Kids accounts will have access throughout the summer. If your child has access to Moby Max through our school account, they will have access until our subscription ends in July. Additionally, iReady access will also be available through the end of June.

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Kindergarten Orientation

I'd like to welcome our Class of 2033 to the Cottonwood Creek family. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we were unable to hold our Kindergarten Orientation on May 5th. However, it is important that we continue to plan for the 2020-21 school year, and we'd like to take the opportunity to welcome you and your children to our Cougar family. We invite you to take time to learn a little more about the kindergarten experience at Cottonwood Creek by visiting our web site and clicking on the 'Virtual Kindergarten Orientation' link on the main page.

Please be sure to check our website regularly as we will keep it updated with information and/or changes.

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Puzzle of the Week

Congrats to all of you clever thinkers who solved last week’s brain teaser.

Three doctors said that Bill was their brother. Bill said he had no brothers. How can this be?

Answer: The 3 doctors were Bill's sisters.

Here’s a new puzzle for you to ponder this week:

How many likes did Frank's photo get if only one of the following statements is true?

  • Frank's photo got at least 45 likes.
  • Frank's photo got fewer than 45 likes.
  • Frank's photo got at least 1 like.

Think you know the answer? Submit your best guess here.

Attention First Grade Students

Join a Specials Team on Thursday, May 14th from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

Meeting ID: 244 855 480

Password: 019106

Attention Kindergarten Students

Join our Specials Teachers on Friday, May 15th from 12:00-12:30pm.

Meeting ID: 381 465 032

Password: 0hcv0Y

Directions for accessing the Specials Google Classrooms by Grade Level

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From our Art Teacher, Mrs. Thompson

This week’s lessons are based on requests students have made, projects they wanted to see more of while doing remote learning. The requests even came from Mr. Pedregon linking art and music to the work of Kandinsky. Be sure to check out Music Week 7 for more amazing activities! Thanks to all of you for the thoughtful end of year gift! I so appreciate all that you do for the art program at Cottonwood Creek and it is a privilege to create with your wonderful children each and every day!

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From our STEM Teacher, Mr. Rogers

Greetings from STEM! As we wind down distance learning for this school year remember, you truly never stop learning. I will continue to keep all my links in Google Classroom live all summer. So when you remain “safe at home” you can continue to learn code, create in Scratch, design in Tinkercad or build with Legos or things found around the house. Please share anything you do, it really makes my day seeing what you have been doing. I miss you all terribly and hope to see you soon!!

Take Care!

Mr. Rogers -

PE Post It

Hello Cottonwood Creek!

Let the games begin!

Last week we enjoyed Minute to Win It Games! Thanks for all the online posts and video submissions! It was great to see you complete the challenges.

This week, we celebrate Field Day 2020 games and activities. I hope you try each station and have fun with your family. You can modify them to the equipment you have at home or even create some on your own.

You will find the Week 7 lesson and a couple videos on the Specials Google Classroom.

Enjoy! Have a happy and healthy summer!

Thank you,

Ms. Jehn

From our Music Teacher, Mr. Pedregon

Hello Cottonwood,

On this our last full week of school I wish you all the very best for a safe and fun-filled summer. These last eight weeks have not been easy for anyone but we all pulled together as a community and tackled this unbelievable challenge as best as we could. By rising to this challenge, I feel as though we’ve all found a level of strength, patience, and flexibility that many of us didn’t know we were capable of! Go Cottonwood!

For music this week, we’ll be using Chrome Music Lab again to create pieces of music. Kinder, first, and second will be exploring the fascinating artist, Kandinsky in both Music AND Art! Why are we studying a visual artist in music class you may ask? Check out the assignment in your google classroom to find out. As for our third, fourth, and fifth graders, I’ll take you through some compositional techniques so you’ll know how to make a song in the Song Maker tile that’ll sound catchy, musical, and artful. I hope you all have fun creating some awesome music!

Have a great summer and be sure to check out the virtual field day your specials teachers put together that can be found under the PE lessons for the week!

-Mr. Pedregon

From our Digital Media Teacher, Ms. Hammershaimb

Dear Cottonwood Cougars,

Thank you so much for the generous Amazon gift card that I received last week. I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness. It has been a joy to work with your children, and with you these past 3 years.

I can’t believe that this is the final week of our online learning adventures. I have a few more fun activities for you to work on this week.

You can find the Digital Media newsletter here:

You can find the Digital Media Website here:

You can find this week’s intro video here:

Read: Explore Wonderopolis, which is a fantastic website filled with answers to questions that kids ask. I hope you learn something new!

Create: Use items around your house to make a chain-reaction or a Rube Goldberg Machine. I’ve created a Google Slideshow with examples of these cool machines. I can’t wait to see your creations!

Technology: You have learned so much this past year! I’d love for you to pick a technology that you’d like and use it to show someone something that you have learned this year.

I hope that you all continue to stay safe and keep on growing this summer. Keep reading, keep making, keep exploring technology.

Take care Cougars,

Ms. Hammershaimb


Thank you to everyone who submitted a joke of the week entry last week. This week’s selected joke comes from Lyra Sater in Mrs. Jansen's second grade class.

Why did the tree say goodbye?

Scroll down for the answer.

Do you have a great joke that you think other Cottonwood Creek Cougars would enjoy hearing? Follow this link to submit your entry for the Joke of the Week. One joke will be chosen, and will appear in next week’s CCCC. Choose carefully because you can only submit one joke each week. Bring on the laughs!

Answer to Lyra's joke: It was time to leaf!

From our Mental Health Team

Hello Cottonwood Creek Families,

Welcome to the last week of remote learning! It is so hard to believe that this year is close to over and how this year has gone. It partly makes me feel sad that this is how we are ending the year, but more than sad, I feel so proud and honored to be a part of this community. It has been amazing to see the kindness that so many families and children have put out into the world. I feel strongly that when we come out of this into our new normal, we will be a stronger, kinder, and more resilient human kind. Anyway, my gratitude to you all for letting me be a part of this journey with you.

I am adding a few links to websites and articles I have found interesting during this time. Please feel free to use what fits for you. Also, if you find something that is particularly helpful for you and our family, please pass it on to me!

I hope you are able to take time this summer to enjoy the people you love. Please know I am always available if you have questions or concerns. I look forward to getting to reconnect with you and your children in the fall.

Happy summer!

Kori Shaiman, School Social Worker,

Lauren Alpert, School Psychologist,

From our School Nurse

If you still have medication in the health office, I will be available to return it to you during the drive- through pick up of belongings on May 13.

Summer is coming and sun safety is important at any age.

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide

  • Slip on a shirt or cool, loose sun protective clothing
  • Slop on sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum, and reapply every two hours
  • Slap on a broad-brimmed hat. Baseball hats are okay, but do not cover ears or neck
  • Seek shade, especially between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • Slide on some sunglasses with UV protection. Toy sunglasses should not be used for sun protection

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