nerd girls rise of the dorkasouras

natalie may

The theme of my book is friendship overcomes anything


Maureen knows that she isn't the most popular girl in school.Maureen is a self-proclaimed dorkasaurus. Maureen isnt the skinniest girl in eighth grade. She gets called big boned ,but Maureen isn't the only geek in the school. Her friends Allergy Alice and Beanpole are not the coolest people ever. The three girls do the talent show together but sadly lose to the most popular girls in school. They realize in the end all they need is friendship.


The setting is in Maureens middle school and all three of her friends house.


Maureen is upset at the fact that the most popular girls in school always get what they want. she and her friends decide to be in the talent show. they probably had the weirdest act. her friend beanpole cleaned their ears with her feet. Everyone thought it was weird they thought they could win. Sadly the popular girls won AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

About the author

Alan Lawrence Sitomer was teacher of the year in 2007 . he recieved the 2004 for clasroom excellence. alan has authored six young adult novels, he has a book called the alan sitomer book jam.he also recieved the 2007 educator of the year award.

Main characters

Maureen- probably the smartest girl in the eighth grade also probably the biggest girl in the eighth grade.She hates people that always think their perfect. She has a brother and a mom , her dad ran out on them.

Marty- Maureens annoying older brother always playing tricks on her and her friends . Maureen doesnt like her brother at first but in the end they really love each other.

''I would rather be embarrassed by the whole school".Maureen

"I can clean my ears with my feet"Beanpole

" I am allergic to a lot of crazy things" Allergy Alice.