Hammerhead Shark



Hammerhead shark eat stingrays.Also,they eat squid and other sharks.I don't know how they eat sting rays without getting stung that much.They eat other sharks not their size.Maybe they eat baby lemon sharks.


Large hammerheads swim in deep waters.In summer months, Hammerhead sharks move to cooler waters.Also, they live in very shallow seas.They move to cooler waters because the water gets hot.Also, they travel in groups sometimes to cooler waters.


Hammerheads sharks look greenish.Also, they can look blue.They have a tail.Also, they have a fin on top.If you see them open their mouth they have very sharp teeth.Their eyes are very weird. They are on each side of their head.


The female hammerhead gives birth. She gives birth to between 6 and 4 pups.They live on their own. Also they grow on their very own.


Hammerheads have adaptations. They use their fins to swim. Also they use their sharp teeth. They use their teeth to get their prey.


Hammerhead sharks have enemies.Their enemies are are killer whales. The killer whales might eat it. Their other enemy is scuba divers. They might kill the hammerhead.


Hammerhead sharks can act not friendly to scuba divers. Also they can act no good when they are fighting with other sharks. They can act very bad with killer whales. Last they can act terrible with finding other sharks to eat.


They use their teeth for safety. Also they use their sharp teeth to eat little sharks.