Going Google

Volume 2 Issue 3


Boomerang Calendar

Tired of toggling between your email and your calendar to verify that you don’t double-book yourself? Well with Boomerang Calendar you can manage your calendar through your email. Click here to watch a quick video demo of what Boomerang Calendar can do. If you are interested in using this application, just follow these steps below:

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Sign into Google Chrome with your RRISD email account.

  3. Click on this link and install the Boomerang Calendar app by clicking on the button and then the +Free button on the Add pop-up window.

  4. Navigate to your GMAIL inbox. If you were in your GMAIL inbox, refresh the page. A message from Boomerang Calendar will pop-up. Click on the START button.

  5. Another message from Boomerangcalendar.baydin.com will pop-up. Click on the Accept button.

  6. Place a checkmark next to calendars you would like Boomerang Calendar to sync with and then click on the NEXT button.

  7. Click on the FINISH button and the setup is complete.

Just as a heads up, the Boomerang calendar window will pop-up every now when you login your GMAIL. This is normal.


Canned Responses

Ever feel like you type the same email response over and over and over? Then set up a Google Canned Response to save time. Watch and learn here: http://screencast.com/t/gt1mwjv0f

To enable canned responses, first go to your gmail settings and find the labs tab.

Search for “canned,” Enable the Canned Responses lab, and Save Changes.

To set up a canned response, Compose a new email, type in the information that you find yourself repeating, and use the more options arrow to go to Canned responses and New canned response… give it a name and click OK.

Now whenever you’re composing an email, you can go to the more options tab and insert a canned response.

Anytime you’re having deja vu, because you’ve typed the same email response a zillion times, considered setting up a Canned response!


Well hidden . . .

Well hidden . . . by now most of us have become accustomed to the way Gmail hides earlier messages in a conversation thread. This saves us from having to scroll through old messages to get to the new content. Sometimes a problem comes when we forward a message, however, forgetting what was written earlier. Perhaps all parts of the previous conversation are not appropriate or necessary for the new recipient.

To view and delete these parts of the thread, click on the ellipsis at the end of a message to read what came before.

A message, “Show trimmed content”, will appear. Highlight and delete any sections of the previous message(s) that shouldn't or don’t need to be moved forward.


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