The War of 1812

By: Kyra Seibt

How The War Was Started

At the time grate Britain was at war with France to control the Iberian peninsula. while Britain at the time had the greatest navy the pay and living were not as good for a sailor as america had, so this lead meany British sailors to work for America. This was not a good thing for Britain so British ships targeted meany U.S. ships and captured meany sailors. This eventually lead America into the war.

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was the son of one of the signers of the deceleration of independence (Benjamin Harrison). William Father made sure William had a good education and would do good in life. William was sent to Hampden-Sydney College to study history at age 14. after his father died William left for school and Governor Henry Lee supported William and encouraged him to join the army. later in the war of 1812 William was pronounced commander of the Army of the Northwest. William defended american settlements while the British had control over lake Erie.
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How the War Ended

the war ended with the treaty of Ghent. the treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24, 1814 by American and British representatives in Ghent, Belgium . The treaty declared that there was no clear winner. by terms of the treaty any land that was conquered must be returned. There where also plans to settle the border of America and Canada.

My reaction

My thoughts as i was learning more about the war of 1812 was that the British could have avoided war with america if they made living easier for British sailors. Because Americas sailors had it better the British sailors wonted to go to america causing the British to not have enough sailors and that eventually led to war. after Britain was taking american sailors and ships.