Teaching Gifted Students

Myth : Gifted students are always successful in School

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Gifted students may be successful in school , but not all the time

  • Gifted students are driven to succeed often causing them to easily burnout or become exhausted which then affects their learning
  • Gifted students may develop self esteem issues due to social awkwardness
  • Being academically successful may cause other students to bully them
  • Gifted students generally have trouble making or keeping friends
  • Test and exam writing can be difficult due to high self expectations
  • Gifted students can become frustrated or impatient with themselves causing them to abandon activities
  • Students may avoid activities they are not good at, for example, sports
  • Organization skills or attention an focus may be difficulty due to being easily distracted or bored

Instructional Strategies Suggestions

  • Provide opportunities for open-ended and self directed activities
  • Encourage the use of creativity
  • Ask higher level line of questioning
  • Use a learning log for independent or outside learning

  • Establish a timeline for long range assignments
  • Create a study contract for the student to achieve outcomes
  • Tiered assignments
  • Independent Study