Book Club Meeting

This Time: Lord Byron Hosted by: Dalton Fincher

The Victorian Byron

Byron was a noble who forsook his place in English politics for a place in English writing. This allowed him to be known as the "Social Lion of London." ("Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron."). His skill with a pen was nearly unmatched as his fame quickly expanded beyond Britannia's boarders. His was a curious individual as well.

"Byron, who was interested in the power that new scientific inventions could bring to their possessors, was one of Shelley's models for Victor Frankenstein" (Reil). One could say he lived an interesting life.

His Works

Byron had a large number of works written by the time he died. One of the things that makes his works great is his skill with emotion. One case of this is in "When We Two Parted" where Byron states:

"When We Two Parted

In silence and tears,

Half broken-hearted

To sever for years" ("When We Two Parted" 319)

He moves the reader with the way he displays relationships. He had a multitude of romantic relationships with all types of people and the emotions that he felt with them he freely expressed in his poems, for better or worse. Byron, like many others of the time, brought classical themes and icons into his works. One clear example of this is seen in this piece:

"Oh thou! in Hellas deem'd of heavenly birth,

Muse! form'd or fabled at the minstrel's will!"

Byron Book Club meeting

Sunday, March 1st, 8:45pm

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Lee's Summit, MO

Let's get together and read the work of such a great writer!

His Impact

Byron is a name that lives on in modern literature. He developed the Byronic hero and changed the way emotions and relationships were expressed in poetry. He had influence over Balzac, Stendhal, Pushkin, and even Melville. This international power was wielded by few and has changed the modern world of literature.