Advertising Structure


A modern look at an ancient dilemma

One of the largest problems facing every major metropolitan city in the US is blight. Abandoned homes, derelict warehouses, and those less-fortunate who are forced to sleep in the streets.

While real-estate situations are something that we are happy to address at Socially Responsible, the focus of our efforts is directed at those who aren't fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of own, or even renting their own problems.

Socially Responsible has addressed the issues of blight and homelessness in one fell swoop.

With our new urban-enhanced billboards, we are to tackle the unsightliness of people and their belongings strewn about the street, while providing targeted and mobile advertising solutions for the business owner who is both innovative and socially conscious. Our urban Billboards have ample space for a single inhabitant, as well as their belongings.

Our lightweight and rugged steel frames, support the coroplast advertising space, which doubles as moderately insulated structure. gone are the days of "cold-calling", direct mailing, and over-priced outlets that limit your creativity and exposure. With our Urban Billboards, the only limit is your imagination!