Hydrogen:The energy source for you!

By: Nicole 'Nickel' Jones

Is hydrogen renewable?

Hydrogen is Renewable, because it is found all around the world.

What is hydrogen used for?

Hydrogen has a variety of uses. It is used in the hydrogenation of oils and fats, rocket fuel, and in cryogenics. It is also used in a nuclear reactor to produce nuclear energy through fusion.

Who uses hydrogen energy?

NASA would use it to power their rockets, people who can use it to gas their vehicle.
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Where is Hydrogen found, or is it made in factories?

Hydrogen is found in an abundance all around the Earth. The most likely source would be the oceans becuase they are the most with water.
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Hydrogen energy is made in hydrogen power plants and sent through power lines to whoever uses it. Hydrogen energy is also used to power inviduals cars and community buses worldwide.

Hydrogen is a good cheap way to get power and energy.
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