The Creative Process

The Process Of Building a DVD For Pixar


Design-Toy Story 2 Poster

Background Summary

The Client is Pixar, The service is the Recreation of a Poster For Toy Story 2


The Project is a Poster for Toy Story 2(The Other One Didnt send the message well enough) and it's being designed because they need to really show what toy story is about


Our goal is to make a poster for pixar


Our Audience is pretty much anyone who watches movies


Anyone Else Making a DVD For Toy Story 2


I think the tone should be happy


I think the message we are trying to send is that if you need a movie for kids to watch where there is protagonist who has a problem and goes through a adventure has a temp downfall and then comes out to win in the end, Toy Story is your movie!


I plan on getting a picture of the toys in their natural habitat, having fun and playing,etc. to kind of show how cool they are and then show a picture of the adventure to show just how brave they are


The Deadline is the 29th of January. The Presentation is a poster sent to the public.