Peter The Great

Most Powerful Emporor of Russia

The Beginning

He became emperor at 10 years old in 1682; he arose to power toward the end of the century. He was extremely intelligent for his age and already spoke many languages. Peter had a crazy amount of power that he didn’t share and was a very powerful monarch.

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The Start of Changing Russia for the Better

At the beginning of his ruling, Russia had a medieval theme, they were influenced by the renaissance. A lot of foreign invasions were going on throughout this time and Romanov tsar established boundaries for Russia and a set of rules and dignity.

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The Journey

His plan is to take what other countries have and reflect their ideas toward Russia to make Russia more advanced than they were.

As a way to modernize Russia he wanted to observe western Europe and he was intrigued that England had a parliament. When coming back from Europe he brought back to ideas for Russia to take such as: technical experts, teachers and soldiers. Overall, this trip to Europe will impact Russia like never before. It will improve their economy tremendously.

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Military Force

Next he wanted to make the Russian military extremely powerful and he would do this by controlling civilians and nobles of the catholic church to do what he says. Taking the Europeans ideas from their weapons, Peter was determined to copy them to make Russia’s better. His plan was to use other people such as nobles, and clergy to do what he wanted to be done. If they disagreed or argued with what he told them to do he would have them executed immediately. For example over 1,000 people were executed for turning against him. Although, the smart people would go along with his ideas, and live.

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