Save A Life

with Suicide Prevention

Know the Signs

If someone says any of these things they may be thinking about commiting

- I want to die

- I don't want to live anymore

- I wish I was dead

- I wont have to put up with this much longer

More Warning Signs

Non-Verbal Signs

- Lack of Energy

- Drop in grades

- Giving away valuable possesions

- Extreme sensitivity

- WIthdrawl from friends or family

- Rebellious behavior

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Where to go to get help

- To a friend

- A trusted adult

- A professional

- Call a suicide hotline

- To a teacher

Suicide is Preventable


- Show someone they care

- Get them to professional help as soon as possible

-Talk directly to them about the problem and show empathy

-Stress the temporary nature of the problems

-Don't keep your meeting a secret.