Carrie's Affiliate Program

Earn Cash for Having Your People Call Mine

It Is All in Who You Know

Do you know women that would answer "yes" to these questions?

  • Are you successful and fulfilled in some areas of your life but not in others?
  • Do you feel positive most of the time but feel like something gets in your way of maintaining happiness?
  • Have you ever practiced yoga or are you interested in adding it into your daily routine to feel its benefits for yourself?
  • Are you committed to personal growth?
  • Are you open to learning tools to bring more peace and joy into your life?
  • Have you experienced abuse, trauma, divorce or loss and that experience seems like one of the things holding you back even though you feel like you should be “done” working through that? If so, are you MORE interested in living your best life than in hanging on to the pain of the past?

By connecting them with the services I offer, all 3 of us win. Allow me to explain.

How This Equates to Money in Your Pocket . . .

and how to make it work for you in minutes.

Every woman that attends one of my wellness retreats based on your referral equals $100 for YOU. Your referrals must be to YOUR social circle, not someone who already exists within mine.

All monies are paid out via paypal within 10 days of the end of the retreat. There is no limit on how much you can earn HOWEVER, the retreat event will sell out, so you want to act fast so that your referrals get registered.

All you have to do is read about the retreat so you know what you are referring, share it with women you know, and make sure they tell me your name as the person who referred them. (I ask in the application-who referred you to the retreat) Then, sit back and collect your money and wait to hear about the wonderful experience your friend, family member of client had because of you!

The four top ways to earn $$$ in less than a minute:

  1. Go to the event on Facebook (in your events as you were invited, OR on my wall) and invite your female Facebook friends.
  2. Print my event flier and post it on the wall at your business
  3. Mention it when you talk to friends
  4. Email event flier to dynamic women in your email contact list

*Right now I am offering this payment for retreats, however as webinar classes are added, I will offer affiliates commissions on these as well.

Carrie Ann Chapman

Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practioner, Holistic Healing Coach, Travel guru

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