Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 2/13/17

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News of Note

Welcome back to Track 3.

Thanks to all that made it to the Friday night Valentine's Dance. It was a great night of dancing and Photo Booth memories. Mr. Schoenebeck was lighting up the dance floor.

Be sure to read and review the "Sunday Message" for parents. Lots of activities going on this week.

It's time to turn in names that data indicates should be considered for retention. Please complete the Consideration of Retention form by this Friday so that I will know who should receive a letter. As always, remember that parents should be well aware that their child is having difficulty so that my letter will not be a surprise.

I need all staff to complete the linked Intent Form so that we can start planning for next year. Please have this completed by this Friday, February 17.

From time to time parents present you via email or in person outside testing or other confidential information. If this happens please use the following protocol. In the event that a parent gives or emails outside testing information or other confidential data to you, please give it to an administrator. If it was emailed, please print it and do not forward the email. An administrator will send a letter to the parent asking why they are sending the information. They may want to request special education testing, they may be interested in AIG services- there are many reasons. The letter will provide a space for the parent to write out his/her intent. Confidential testing information, especially from outside sources, should be in the hands of the classroom teacher as little as possible to protect teachers from liability. Remember- do not forward an email with confidential testing information attached and do not offer advice or suggestions regarding testing.

Floor Cleanliness: Some of the floors are sticky around PUE! After an investigation, it seems that the cleaner used is too strong and that a solvent is needed to remove the sticky residue. We are working to resolve the problem with the night-time cleaning company. If your bathroom or another area is sticky or seems to have not been cleaned, please inform Henry.

Speaking of floors we need your help reminding students to put their chairs up on their desk or table before they leave each day. Our after school cleaner, Claudia can do a much better, more thorough job vacuuming if this is done.

Track 2 out duties for the weeks of: 2/13-2-17, 2/20-2/24, 2/27-3/3

AM Hallway-Blocker

AM Carpool-Fitzgerald (Put out cones to block carpool through-lane at 8:45)

AM Breakfast- Ward

AM Bus-McEwen (Write down bus arrival times)

Lunch- Fitzgerald, Crum, Lavin, Renfrow, DeCain, McEwen, Chavis, Newman, Bednar

PM Hallway- Whitley (corral bus students and supervise)

PM- Carpool: Roberts, Bednar, Perry, Cooper, Crum (Perry- Calls car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Roberts / Bednar in the cafeteria, Cooper and Crum are outside with students/safety patrol.) (Bednar- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up.)

PM Bus- 2/13-2/17 McKearney, 2/20-2/24 Cox, 2-27-3/3 Potter

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