Marysville Message

Friday September 10,2021

Dear Marysville Families

Happy Friday,

It has been wonderful to have a couple of days with all of our Marysville Elementary Students together, including all our Kindergarten students. We are excited about the many new students and families that have joined us this year. We look forward to getting to know you more and sharing with you what a wonderful and special place Marysville is.

Thank you to all our families and students for your patience and understanding as we work on providing routines and systems to keep the community distanced and safe will learning and being together. Even after only two short weeks, things are running fairly smoothly. We are almost ready for the rain! (I'm grateful for our covered areas!)

For the rain please have the students dress for the weather, as much as possible we want to continue our outside activities. Let us know if you need jackets, umbrellas or other rain protective items.

Please label all of your child's personal items; lunch boxes, water bottles, clothing.

As much as possible prioritize being on time for school.

  • Doors open and breakfast is served at 8:30 each day.
  • Students begin entering the building at 8:40.
  • All classes begin at 8:50 AM and the side doors lock.
  • It gets very busy in the office after that and students are missing the important launch of learning for the day if they arrive after 9:00 am.
  • Thank you for your consideration for the learning community.

Thank you also to the families that have been updating student information on Parentvue. It is important to have updated phone numbers and email addresses.

If you need to make a change for a designated student pick up person, please let us know early in the day so that there are no delays at dismissal time.

  • The best way to communicate the change is to email your teacher and our School Administrative Assistant, Melinda Leong with the name and phone number of the person that will be picking up your child.

Now that school is back in session, some parents may be wanting an opportunity to volunteer at school again. We would love that and can't wait to be reconnected even more fully soon.

  • At this time we are not having parent volunteers inside the building,
  • but we do have a need for adult volunteers outside during the lunch and recess times, 11:30 AM- 1:00PM. for all or part of that time, one or more days a week.
  • If you are interested please email or call me, or (971) 413-1090
  • All volunteers need a background check and proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.

Below is more information about current district volunteer guidelines.


The volunteer application is back up at It will require that new volunteers submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Per Oregon’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Teachers and School Staff, all volunteers will need to provide proof of vaccination before volunteering in a PPS school or facility. Only essential volunteers will be permitted to volunteer in PPS schools, and we recommend that you limit the number of essential volunteers to twenty or fewer. All volunteers who volunteer in a PPS school or facility must provide proof of vaccination and follow PPS health and safety protocols.

Vaccination records must include the name of the person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided, date or dates given, and the name/location of the health care provider or site where the vaccine was administered.

Acceptable forms of documentation include:

  • a copy of a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (issued by the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control & Prevention or WHO Yellow Card); OR

  • a photo, or scanned copy of the Vaccination Record Card as a separate document; OR

  • Physical or digital documentation of the COVID-19 vaccination from a health care provider.

A Couple of Changes for Ongoing Safety

Student Drop off and Pick up Change

To avoid crowds and delays, first grade students should be dropped off and picked up from the front entry of the school building. Please see the updated map below.
Big picture

Change to Back to School Night

Our Back to School Open House Event is postponed for a Spring Open House!

  • Hopefully we can all be together at that time.

Later this month we will share a document with Welcome Videos from every teacher and school overview information.

Please reach out individually to your teachers for a meeting or with any questions or concerns.

i am also always happy to meet with families, or talk on the phone or video call.

Community Notifications

I apologize that the messaging around positive COVID Cases at a school can be confusing.

  • PPS sends a notification to staff and the community when we identify that a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been present at our school.
  • I send this general notification after I have notified any staff or students who are considered close contacts.
  • The individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is sent guidance from the county as to the length of their quarantine and when they may return to in person school at Marysville.
  • Families, if you are not contacted directly by the school administration then your student is not considered a close contact.
  • Similarly, staff members who have not received a prior notification are not considered close contacts.

So far it seems that our protocols are working as designed. I am especially proud of our students who consistently wear their masks while in the building.

In order to reduce the risks to our community and to avoid exposures it is recommended that everyone in the community do the following things.

  • Wear good quality masks when indoors or in crowded outdoor spaces
  • Maintain physical distance from those outside of your household.
  • Monitor daily for symptoms and do not come to the school building or visit with other people if you are symptomatic

We are expecting information soon from the district and our community health partners about how we can offer regular COVID-19 screening testing. That is something we want in place as soon as possible. Frequent access to testing will be another important mitigation strategy for our community safety.