Christopher Columbus Day

by Gaby Rosales

Why Christopher Columbus Day shouldn't be celebrated in the U.S

- In August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus began his voyage of the intentions of exploring Asia with his three ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

- Instead he ended up taking the Route to Central, South America, and Caribbean Islands where he lost one ship in a wreck

- So he never necessarily discovered anything because these areas already had a successful group of communities.

This is a Christopher Columbus celebration in New York

More reason facts:

- Another reason why we shouldn't celebrate this man is because he never even made it to North America because he knew they had trade, settlers, refuge and fishing were organized here at the time.

- Europeans at the time already knew that the world wasn't flat because they traveled to other continents prior so him. so Columbus wasn't the first to explore the west end of the world and wasnt the first to discover that the world wasnt flat.

- Lastly Columbus was one of the main men who decided to enslave the native people in Caribbean Islands including Haiti. And cut of thier hands and noses if they did not give him gold or work for him. In fact Columbus instructed many orders to exterminate an entire generation of native hatians ,and he was very close at completing this goal. killing

-So what is North Americas real reason on praising such an individual?