Very Clear Ideas

When the idea is very clear, the work becomes effortless

What is it?

Very Clear Ideas is a step-by-step process for refining ideas.

Who is it for?

If you have a project that would benefit from being clearer.
If you have a vision you wish were more focused.
If you have a purpose you wish were better defined.

What can I do with it?

You can use the Very Clear Ideas process to:

- test how clear an idea is

- identify what aspect of an idea isn't clear

- take your idea from not-very-clear to very clear

What do I get?

The purpose of your project perfectly articulated

in a single sentence. This sentence can then be

used as a reference point for any decision on the

project - by anyone contributing to the project.

What are the steps?

1. Bring a not-very-clear idea

2. Answer a set of seven questions about the idea,

to test how clear it is

3. Explore the areas that aren't clear - drawing out

new information

4. Use the new information to refine the idea, then

retest it.

5. Go home with a crystal clear expression of your


Where does it come from?

Working as a magazine editor, looking for the

formula for what makes a great story, Charles Davies

found a set of characteristics that kept on recurring.

Moving into consulting he found the same characteristics

that make great stories also make great companies, great

projects. Very Clear Ideas was developed as a way for

founders to find their way to their own great story.

What does it cost?

The workshop is 70 euros if you book before 16th September, or 80 euros after that.

Money should be no obstacle to attending. If you want to come, but can't pay the full price, please feel very free to email Charlie on and say how much you'd like to pay and why.

To book, contact Titia Bruning:

How to Have Very Clear Ideas

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 10:30am-4:30pm

Hilversum, Netherlands

Hilversum, NH

67 Degrees Coworking Store
Stationstraat 27
1211 EL Hilversum

To book, contact Titia Bruning:

About Your Host

Charles was Features Editor for iconic fashion magazine, The Face, is a stand-up comedian and a strategy consultant. Over the years, he’s worked for the BBC, Knowmads, IDEO design agency and helps new businesses refine their ideas and rethink their relationships with money.