Causes of the American Revolution

Its to late to apologize BRITAIN!


Mercantilism is the flow of wealth from the colonies to the mother country.The colonies at first did not realize that Britain was using them.When the colonies never got anything in return,they reacted by smuggling goods to and from other countries.

Stamp Acts

The stamp acts was a law passed by Britain.It made the colonies pay taxes on any printed good. Such as the newspaper,playing cards,constitutions,or any written document.This angered the colonies.Just one more thing that lead to the WAR.

Boston Tea Party/Tea Act

The Tea Act was when Britain taxed the Colonies tea. In response to this the Sons of Liberty dumped all of Britain's tea into the Boston harbor. The tea act was one of the final straws in a series if taxes. In other words the Colonies were fed up with Britain.

Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 forbade the Colonies from moving west of the Appalachian mountains. This really,really angered the Colonies. They fought for Britain and Britain gave them nothing in return but poo. For me this was one of biggest things that made us want to declare independence.
American Revolution Animated - No More Kings - Schoolhouse Rock

School house rock video questions

1.What did the colonies call when that had no representation in parliament?

2.How did the colonies react to the taxation on there tea?

3.When did the Pilgrims arrive at the new land?

Political Cartoon

"Taxation without representation"is what the colonies cried when the colonies had no representation in parliament. Since they had no representation in the parliament the colonies had no say at all in law making.

Boston Tea Party questions

1.What was the date of the Boston Tea Party?

2.Who dumped the tea into the bay?

3.Where did the tea come from?