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Welcome Our New Host From Tibet - Jampa

Snowflake - Educational Ambassador to the Tibetan Community

Jampa from Tibet

Show Title: Snowflake

My vision is to be Educational Ambassador in Tibetan community and establish an organization which provides a vibrant and diverse learning community where Tibetan children are encouraged to take part in and fulfill their potentials.

My Show Theme Song:

Tinkhor 3
by Yulha

Not to underestimate women
Not to belittle women
Your wise grateful mother
Is a woman
Who gave you the soul, the life
Because of your mom
You are born with what you have today
Your strength and your power

Tibetan Song Yulha Women`s Right Trinkhor 3

Women of Tibet Welcome Jampa Latso, host of "Snowflake"

Born in a in a small tranquil village (Tsha Ra), situated in ranged snow mountains, in Tibet plateau, I had been a humble student in the school; an obedient daughter in the family, and a conservative Tibetan girl. There were seven people in my family; my parents, brother, three sisters and me, the youngest. I used to be a girl who would talk to only close friends in the school; think about only her future, and care about only her family and friends. My dream was a being a teacher at that time. Every after the school, I would stay back late in the school until all students gone home and I would pretend to be a teacher in empty classroom by talking to myself being students at the same being the teacher. I desperately wanted to be a teacher at that time and I would often lose myself in imagination.

My parents are simple farmers; my mom is illiterate, but my dad has primary education. Even if they do not have higher education and illiterate, my parents believe in education. They also believe that education can make the difference; they have faith in that it can shape your life as you want to. They do not want me to follow their path as working on the farms and constantly buzzing around the same family chore every day. Therefore, I am blessed as well as destined to have an education-oriented life unlike other girls in my community, and I have been able to continue navigating through the maze of the educational paradigm, experiencing diversity up until now. Today as my journey of education rolling forward, my view, my goals, and my purpose of living have been changed. My life experience has expanded my visions; my connection with people from diverse cultural backgrounds has made my life meaningful and I see very clear what I want to do in my life. I get education unlike any other girls my age in my community, so I would never take this precious opportunity of education for granted because I know what exactly likes otherwise. I also have a strong sense of obligation to contribute or serve people in my community because I see that my education and experience are meant to serve others. As time goes, my dream has been changed, it changed into bigger. I want to establish an organization which works to empower women and girls through leadership service and education in my community, Tibet.

My vision is to be Educational ambassador in Tibetan community and establish an organization which provides a vibrant and diverse learning community where Tibetan children are encouraged to take part in and fulfill their potentials. I firmly believe that cooperation is the key foundation for a revolutionary; therefore, in the future I want to work with especially Tibetan women and girls so that we all come together as one and combine our voices to lead the lives the way we want to. I want to inspire all women and girls to dare to make their life’s work be something that is truly enjoyable and meaningful to them; I want to motivate them to be innovative and to use the power of their creative minds; I want to help girls come to know and recognize their vision and their own potentials.

I am currently studying in Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I am in my third year undergraduate and major in Asian Studies and minor in Development Studies.

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