Therorist "Rap" Sheet

Margaret Mahler

Margaret Mahler

  • She grew up in Sopron, a small town in Hungary.
  • Born May 10, 1897 & died October 2, 1985.
  • Margaret graduated studying pediatrics from the University of Jena.
  • Her theory was the Seperation-Individual theory.

Separation-Individual Theory

The Separation-Individual theory is about how children go through three stages of there infancy, the first stage is the hatching stage where the child is aware of its surrounding and its differentiation of itself and its mom. The second stage is the practicing stage where the child can get around on its own crawling and walking, without its mother, but the child still refers to itself as one with its mom. The third stage is rapprochement and thats where the child becomes close to its mom again, but it differentiate itself from its mom. She studies a social/emotional.

How is this theory unique/do you agree with it?

This theory is unique because it focus's on the child and the mother mostly. Yes, i agree with this theory. Because it's basically talking about how as a child get older it starts to separate itself from its mother, and it starts to want to do it's own thing.
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