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Promo Time!!

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Its time to get loud!!

The Labor Day promotion starts today at noon thru Monday, 11:59 pm. Can you get 5 #PROMODOWNS this weekend? ( For our newbies, we post on our team page when we get a $100 order using the #Promodown so we can celebrate each other!) That's just 5 customer's which will get you closer to this month's goal!! Everyone should be striving for a minimum of $500!!


1. Get a newsletter out to your customers today!

2. Post to social media something that will make them want to visit your boutique. Don't just post... think about what you are saying and ask yourself, "would I click the link after reading this?"

3. Carry your look books with you everywhere and ALWAYS wear your jewelry!

4.Print out the Free Gift with Purchase graphic + share them with friends!

5. Do your Daily 5. Call 5 people to share the Promo News and ask if they have checked out our Fall collection yet. Start booking Sept + Oct Pop Ups!!

6. Set up a VIP Mystery Hostess pop up centered around this promotion.

7. Entice your bestie who doesn't live in your town to set up an online pop up for this weekend, so you can share the promo with a brand new network.

8. This weekend is the perfect time to get back in the game! Relaunch your business or get your first sale!

9. Get some ambassadors to help you with referrals. For example your bestie, your hubby or your customers can post on their page letting their group know to check out your boutique!! Offer a Starbucks gift card or anything you think will help encourage them to get people to shop your boutique.

10. Reach out to me for help!

Get your first sale of the month or your first sale ever today!!

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How are you doing booking pop ups?

You are probably like me and want more of the new collection than you actually invested in! Use this month to earn credits so you can continue to build your collection and get everything you want!!

I am challenging you to Pop Ups!! Think outside the box:

1. Host a Look Book get together

2. Those of you who shopped Tuesday should be receiving your jewelry. Invite your friends over for an unveiling of the new collection! Bring out the wine and enjoy girl time!

3. Labor day usually equals beach time or BBQ get togethers! Make sure to bring your catalogs with you and share them with the ladies you run into!!

4. Consider bringing your favorite Bank, salon, insurance company real estate business, etc some donuts with look books and a flyer about our promo. "Happy Labor Day Weekend- I did't want you to miss out on our Labor Day promotion! Enjoy Donuts on me. I will be back Tuesday to pick up the look books but if you'd like to place an order you can go online or contact me."

5. Get online and pop up with your VIPs!

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Happy Weekend!! xo Janet