3rd Grade Update


Giving Thanks . . . .

For the many volunteers who made the balloon dart booth at the Fall Festival possible. The kids thank you, Principal Sue Venable thanks you, Young Forbush thanks you and Pam, Linda and I thank you; (PAM I OWE YOU BIG ON THIS ONE)

For Maureen Haider, who organized a spiritual bouquet for Mrs. Young after the passing of her mother;

For Melissa, Soma, Eileen, Denise, Linda, Maritza, Cheri and Sheila who made sure our kids enjoyed a "killer" Halloween party complete with games and treats;

For Coach Joe Hall (and Ass't Coaches Mike Smith, Ron Haider and Kevin O'Brien) who put a great deal of time and effort into coaching soccer;

For each of you, parents doing our best. As new room moms, Pam and I are getting a "behind the scenes" look at how Holy Rosary runs and we are amazed at the level of commitment and spirit of pitching in - whatever it takes. Thanks to each of you for your contributions towards making Holy Rosary a great learning community. I am grateful for you!! Please, read on to find out how you can help this holiday season . . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!!