Latin Music Poster

By Darien Lee

My music genre is Reggaeton

It is commonly listened to in Panama, Puerto Rico, United States, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Spain. People associated with this type of music are Michael Ellis, Nando Boom and Wisin and Yandel.


Reggaeton originated in Panama and Puerto Rico in the 1980s and 1990s. This type of music was originally called Spanish Raggae and then it was transformed in to Reggaeton.


The main instruments used in this type of music are drum machines, rapping, electric keyboards and guitars. This music is involved at parties, dance halls, toasting and soca. There are not any special costumes associated with this type of music. One of the most famous people associated with this type of music is Daddy Yankee.


Sandungueo is a dance associated with Reggaeton. It is a type of grinding dance.


Today Reggaeton is still a very popular music genre. People like Daddy Yankee are associated with it today. It is listened to widely.