Productions 8-26-14

Day Two

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We've got so much to do!!

1. Rules

2. Jobs

3. Contact Info

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Worst Line

You will be given a scenario

Respond with the worst possible response in any character of your choice

Limit your response to one sentence


1. No food or drink in the theatre room.

2. No leaving the room.

3. Speak nicely and with respect.

4. Your device is a tool, not a toy.

5. Be more productive.

6. Clean up after yourself.


Ashley- Stage Manager

Her job:

  • manage our shows.
  • keep us organized.
  • She has answers.

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Elise- Voice of Reason

Her job:

  • Take on jobs Lee is not smart enough for
  • Keep us on the ground
  • She has ideas.

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Adam- the technician

His job:

  • Help Lee figure out how to make things work
  • Keep our production above par
  • He has know-how

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Meagan- diva

Her job:

  • Keep Lee's good graces in their faces
  • Promote the program
  • She has influence

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The rest of you....

Be awesome.

Help where you are needed.

Show up.

Do your best at everything.

If you have nothing to do, ask someone for direction.

Take criticism constructively


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Contact Info!

On an index card

Your name

Your cell phone number (if you don't have a cell the number/email I can text your iPad on)

Your email address (that you check)

Your primary parent's name

your parent's phone number

Your parents email (if they will use it

Point to Ponder

The Crucible-

Find a visual representation of The Crucible based on your knowledge of its theme

(hint: fear, greed, selfishness)

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