Abraham Lincoln

The Tragic Hero

The six qualities of a tragic hero

  1. Of noble stature and greatness
  2. Even though they are elevated to a higher stature they are still flawed
  3. The heroes downfall is partially their own fault
  4. The heroes punishment is not wholly deserved
  5. The heroes fall is not pure loss, something is gained from there downfall
  6. Though it is sad it does not leave people in a state of depression

Why is President Lincoln A Tragic Hero

  1. He is a person who accomplished greatness by abolishing slavery in the United States making him of relitively noble stature
  2. He is flawed because he lied and cheated ( by using patronage) to get what he wanted done which in this case was abolishing slavery
  3. That his down fall was partially his own fault because he was to trusting (one of his other character flaws) by going to the theater with only one guard who left Lincoln at the theater unprotected and went to a tavern
  4. Although his flaw of cheating and lying to get what he wanted was a big problem, he still did not deserve being killed because in the end he only helped our country prosper and become greater than ever before
  5. His flaws attributed to his death because people (especially John Wilkes Booth) were angry at him for getting the ammendment passed even though they did not know how he did it and his trust that he would be protected led him to being vulnerable to attack.
  6. Lastly he died a tragic death

A Quote from Lincoln

"No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent."